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Name: Aidan Hanaimori

Age: 17

Relation to Characters: None

Appearance: Aidan has a slender, willowy build and long, wavy deep red hair. He has lavender eyes and a pretty, rather feminine face. He is in fact often mistaken for a girl.

Personality: Tends to be quiet, and a little shy. However, he has a deep passion for music and art, and his shyness is left in the shadows when he is engaged in his artistic pursuits. He is friendly, hard-working and ,at times, rather naive.

Power: Fire master.

History: Aidan is the oldest of three children, and due to an airplane crash last year, has become the sole care-taker of his younger siblings. He has a strong sense of family duty and does his best to take care of his siblings, but he is a very young man, so it is hard for him to meet the challenge sometimes. He manages to work after school and on the weekends to scrounge up enough money to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. They live in a shoddy, run-down apartment. Aidan and his siblings have only one living relative, their paternal grandfather. They came to Tokyo to stay with him, but he is a priest and lives in a monastery, thus ruining that plan. Their grandfather does visit them frequently, however, and usually brings some groceries to help out. Aidan is half-Scottish and half-Japanese, but he and his siblings spent their lives in London. He speaks fairly fluent Japanese, but he has a deplorable accent, which embarrasses him at times. Aidan has a deep love for music and is an energetic and talented performer. While he plays classical music much of the time, he actually prefers to play a folk-rock fusion popularized by such artists as Vanessa Mae and Natalie McMasters. Aidan is aware of his powers and their meaning. His father,and now his grandfather, told him all about his destiny to protect the earth when the time came. However, Aidan does not focus on his powers or the prophecy very often. He is of the opinion that everyday life is the thing to concentrate on until he is called by whatever force sets the foreordained battle in motion. Until then, Aidan feels he has his hands full just trying to make ends meet.

Family: Parents are deceased, takes care of his younger siblings, a pair of twins, one boy named Daman and one girl named Devin.

Occupation: Student, works at a nightclub in the evening and at a bookstore on the weekends.

Interests: Music, plays the violin very well, Art; dabbles in painting and drawing, travel, loves to visit museums and learn about different cultures.

Played by Arion Morgan