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Name: Oralia Freeman

Age: 25

Relation: related to Kamu Shirou and Toru Magami

Appearance: Has dark purple hair and and violet eyes. Ivory skin. She has a scar in shape of an X on her left cheek. She also has the same eyes as Kamui has.

Personality: Purely enigmatic. Oralia speaks much when only something interesting comes up. Other than that, she says little. Due to what she had been through in the past, Oraliana seems cruel and depressed all the time. But deep inside, she is like a lost child with no way out of the darkness. There was times when she is kind to those who are not involved.

Power: Psychic and Darkness

History: Oralia’s childhood was nothing more than a sad beginning for her surroundings. When she was young, “Oralia” wasn’t her name at all. Her real name was Kira Magami. Kira lived in Tokyo until she was kidnapped by unknown agents. She was taken to a laboratory underground. And from that moment on, Kira was experimented for nearly six years. During the six years, her name was also changed to Oralia Freeman. One of the doctors injected her with a serum so she wouldn’t be able to break through the controlling they had on her. But Oralia managed to escape the lab and fled from Tokyo. She was picked up by a woman named Drusilla and taken to her private home in Fujisawa. Drusilla was basically a Dark Omnyouji and came from a long line of dark sorceresses. Oralia grew up learning the dark arts forgetting about the trouble she went through. She was also told that her family the Magami were nothing more than a sacrifical family in order to keep the world safe. Oralia went back to Toyko at the age 21 after the 21st century came. She learned more than she could realize and started having halllucinations. Drusilla told her this “The Magami Family is evil.... You must kill the main heir to the clan in order for you to relieved of your pain...”

Oralia had no idea if this was true or not, but she decided to find out who the main heir was. She soon discovered it was her cousin Kamui, the remaining Dragon of Heaven. She also learned about the DOH and DOE. An eager smile came to her lips. “Very well. If Kamui is the Dragon of Heaven then I shall become his opposite. I shall become his dark side....”

She raised her sword into the air and yelled to the heavens above. “I am no longer Kira Magami. I am Oralia Freeman! The Dark Angel that exits for one purpose: to kill Kamui!”

And from that moment on, she had planned to do that ever since....

Played by Raven