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Name: Tylyra Kincaid

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Inverness, Scotland

Hair color: burgandy

Eye color: blue-green

Distinguishing features: Tylyra usually wears dark clothing, and is extremely slender/delicate. She is somewhat of a sickly person, and has been in and out of hospitals her whole life.

Family: Older brother

Occupation: Student, also works for the family's technological firm as the Network/Computer specialist

Interests: Collecting ancient swords, reading, spending time with her brother, learning new languages, studying history, listening to music

Elemental Alignment: Electricity

Goals in life: Tylyra wants to bring her family back into the prominent place it once held in society, and to protect Scotland from harm. She would also like to see it become a self-governing country, free from England's rule.

Background: Tylyra is descended from one of the old Scottish High Clans. Her parents were killed when a madman took one of the main branch buildings of their company hostage and blew it up rather than surrender to police. Her older brother took over the company and raised her. She doesn't remember her parents that well, because they died when she was 7. She lives in the family's ancesteral castle on the shore of Loch Ness, in Inverness. When she was about 10, she really began to discover her powers and decided to use them to help her family. Her brother has made her co-vice-president of their corporation, and she handles all the computer problems personally. She travels around the world to take care of problems in the corporation's other branches. World governments also hire her at times to fix their computer security and malfunctions. Tylyra has always been somewhat sickly, and her health is rather fragile. She learned martial arts through persistance, and also knows sword-fighting. However, her health is not such that it would allow her to fight a prolonged physical battle. She speaks several different languages fluently, and is the process of learning 2 more.

Ablities: Tylyra is able to merge completely with a computer, sending her consciousness throughout cyberspace. Computers trust her and grant her access whereever she wants. She is capable of causing energy shortages, hacking into databases and fixing anything wrong with the computers and networks. She tries to avoid any wrongdoing with her powers, and instead focuses on keeping cyberspace working to it's full capabilites. She is a DOH, but doesn't really care about the upcoming danger or battle between the new DOH and DOE, preferring to focus on her goals.

Played by Lyra Stormrider