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Oh wow! You actually decided to take on an evil character? How cool! Great! Well, you can either be a character from the series if there's one that really grabbed your attention, one of the ones I listed in the character list, or one completely of your own making!

If you decide to be one of the ones that I had listed, please note that I only supplied the name. You can supply the rest.

Oh, you should also know that the evil in Glass Tokyo centers mainly around Shiki, a mentally confused teenager with impressive powers. She can sometimes slip into a "normal" persona and not remember things. However, normally she knows of what is going on and the mission before her; namely, the ultimate annhilation of the entire earth starting with Glass Tokyo. But she can't do it alone. She needs help which she would be willing to seek out....

Evil Character Application

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Character Information

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Character's Alias (i.e. Usagi=Sailor Moon):

Character's Nicknames:

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Character's Family: (living & deceased)

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Character's Friends: (Doesn't have to be on this RPG; can be a pen-pal)

Character's Personality:

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Character Weapon(s):

Character Items (if any):

Character History:

Attacks (Limit 3):

Character's Quote:

Picture of Character: (Required. Please don't use one from Sailor Moon Series)

Writing Sample:

Any additional questions or comments?

Thanks ever so much for applying! I should be able to get back to you within a week. Stunning, fast, FREE!    
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