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So you want to be a senshi, eh? Well, that's good. Glass Tokyo is going to need some protection. Please note that this application is only for original senshi--that means ones that are NOT from the Sailor Moon series, ones that are completely made up. If you want to apply for a senshi from the series please go here . Thanks ever so much and on with the application!

Original Senshi/ Good Character Application

Your full name:

Your email address: (e.g.:

Your Age:

Your Gender:

Your Birthdate:

Your Web Page Name:

Your Web Page Address:

Your AOL IM Screen Name:


Your Yahoo! Pager Handle:

Character Information

Character's Name:

Character's Alias (i.e. Usagi=Sailor Moon):

Character's Nicknames:

Character's Age:

Character's Gender:

Character's Birthday:

Character's Family: (living & deceased)

Where does the character live?

Character Likes:

Character's Favorite School Subject:

Character Dislikes:

Character has trouble with:

Character Strengths:

Character's Hobbies:

Character's Dream in Life:

Character's Friends: (Doesn't have to be on this RPG; can be a pen-pal)

Character's Personality:

Character's Appearance:

Character Transformation (Describe what happens):

Character Weapon(s):

Character Items (if any):

Character History:

Attacks (Limit 3):

Character's Quote:

Picture of Character: (Required. Please don't use one from Sailor Moon Series)

Writing Sample:

Any additional questions or comments?

Thanks ever so much for applying! I should be able to get back to you within a week. Stunning, fast, FREE!    
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