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~1~ Each Member can have two characters at the most. This rule isn't commonly broken but sometimes I do come across people who like to play as many as 3 or 4. Don't try this; it's hard on you and on the game.

~2~ This RPG is rated PG-13 which means you'll sometimes find things that may be unsuitable for younger kids. Things like: allusions to sex, mild language, violence, homosexuality, death, suicide, sexual situations, and other things like that. Use your best judgement.

~3~ Each Member MUST write AT LEAST once a week. I was very lenient on this before and it caused many problems so this time I do mean to enforce it. However, if you can't be around for a good reason (i.e. getting grounded, finals, mid-terms, band/sport practice, family trip, illness, losing your drum, getting abducted and probed..) and let me know about it. I tend to be nice if the reason is good.

~4~ There is to be NO God-Moding or controlling characters that you do not play. I won't tolerate this.

~5~ Do NOT take a character and change them entirely. For example, I won't be too pleased if someone playing Ami suddenly decides she needs to be a ragged-out drug addict or someone else decides to suddenly make Usagi a genius. It won't work. Usagi is NOT a genius, and Ami is NOT a drug-addict. Yes, you can play the character as you want just don't do drastic changes that would never really happen.

~6~ This is not a Cross-Over RPG. Therefore, I don't want to see any applications for characters from other series (i.e. Dragonball, Ranma, ect..) Also I will immediately discard ANY Original Character app that strongly resmebles a character from a non-Sailor Moon anime. Sorry, but it's necessary that you use your own imagination and not depend on others.

~7~ I want Japanese Names for the senshi! (i.e. Sailor Moon=Usagi NOT Serena!!) Please, please, either know them or learn them! If you need help, ask me or seek out one of the million super Sailor Moon sites out there.

~8~ The senshi are NOT evil; they will NEVER be evil. The villians are evil NOT good; they will NOT suddenly turn good. The neutral characters CAN switch sides (tho I'd really appreciate it if they kept the switching to a minimum, just for sanity's sake) or even chose to align with one side.

I think that's about it. If you need any of these clarified or want to ask a question, feel free to e-mail me. Also, these rules can be added to, detracted from, or altered any time I feel the need to.