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"Do you have to have a reason for everything you do? What a drag! So tell me right out, without hesitation, those're the first signs of love!Your heart's pounding, right? And you're dizzy? Strummin' out sad songs on your guitar:My soleil, you are my sunshine! O sole mio, je t'aime! " ~ 'Re Mizeraburu' Lunar Nall Image Song

Hello and welcome to Glass Tokyo. Here you will find the small, but slowly growing Roleplaying Game based on the anime series Sailor Moon. So, please, make yourself comfortable and explore all this page has to offer. Maybe even consider joining us.

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LadyWren's Sailor Moon Webpage Graphics

All the lovely backgrounds,seperators, and transparent images you see decorating my page were created by Lady Wren. If you have a webpage and need graphics, be sure to look at her page, she has some just lovely things.

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