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So you want to be a senshi, eh? Well, that's good. Glass Tokyo is going to need some protection. Please note that this application is only for senshi from the series. If you want to apply for an original senshi please go here . Thanks ever so much and on with the application!

Senshi/ Good Character Application

Your full name:

Your email address: (e.g.:

Your Age:

Your Gender:

Your Birthdate:

Your Web Page Name:

Your Web Page Address:

Your AOL IM Screen Name:


Your Yahoo! Pager Handle:

Character Information

Character's Name:

Character's Alias (i.e. Usagi=Sailor Moon):

Character's Nicknames:

Where does the character live?

Character Likes:

Character Dislikes:

Character has trouble with:

Character Strengths:

Character Transformation (Describe what happens):

Character Weapon(s):

Character Items (if any):

Character History:

Attacks (Limit 3):

Writing Sample:

Any additional questions or comments?

Thanks ever so much for applying! I should be able to get back to you within a week. Stunning, fast, FREE!    
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