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Romance and Short Skirts--An SM Gallery

Welcome to my fairly small Sailor Moon gallery. Here you'll find pictures mostly from the manga..though there are some anime ones as well. All images here are public domain since mostly I found them by surfing the 'Net. If you see a picture here that's yours and you either want credit or want it taken down, let me know. Alright, thanks and enjoy the pictures!

4 Inners + Chibi Moon
Minako, Ami, Rei, and Makoto with ribbons against a starry sky
The 4 sisters and the Inners
Ami reading in the Bath
The  Inners + Chibi Moon with angel wings floating in the sky with Pegasus
Inners and Outers Profiles surrounded by blue flowers
Chibi-Usa as a child and teen
Chibi-Usa holding Luna-P on a crescent moon
Inners and Outers against a huge full moon, each shrouded in her own aura color
Sailors Neptune and Uranus
Inners and Outers dressed formally
Inners and Outers on a green background with white flowers
Haruka and Michiru; both in black and white dresses
Hotaru in a party dress under a huge chandelier
Makoto dressed casually
Whole senshi cast in civilain clothes against a green background
Makoto in casual dress holding a basket
Mamoru and Usagi in bed

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Sailor Moon is not my creation. Takeuchi Naoko, Koudansha, TV Asahi, Toei Douga, DiC, and probably others I don't know of hold the copyright and so it belongs to them...even if DiC is evil and is trying to destroy something wonderful.

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