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Romance and Short Skirts--A SM Gallery

Welcome to my fairly small Sailor Moon gallery. Here you'll find pictures mostly from the manga..though there are some anime ones as well. All images here are public domain since mostly I found them by surfing the 'Net. If you see a picture here that's yours and you either want credit or want it taken down, let me know. Alright, thanks and enjoy the pictures!

Haruka kissing Michiru
Usagi in a white dress surrounded by yellow flowers
Kawaii pic of Chibi Chibi wearing a red-orange coat with a hood with bunny ears surrounded by red roses
The Amazon Quartet hanging out in the jungle
All the senshi arranged in a cricle around the Earth which is also surrounded in circles
Black Lady doing something that looks quite...naughty
Cosmos and Sailor Chibi Chibi
Elios with flowers
Princess Serenity, in her white dress, walking through some water
Twin sisters with violet hair kneeling and holding hands
Galazia standing on a grey ruined planet
The Three Sailor Starlights posing against a starry void
The Three Lights
A Sailor Moon Collage including: Winged Eternal Sailor Moon holding the Moon Staff; Usagi and Mamoru almost kissing; winged Sailor Chibi Chibi holding the Three Cats; Eternal Sailors Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Chibi Moon; Eternal Sailors Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto; Three Generations of Moon Royalty
A group picture (from l to r): Makotoin brown & green, Hotaru in black, Rei in blue and white, Ami in blue and white, Usagi in red, Chibi-Usa in rainbow colors, Minako in yellow, black, and white, Setsuna in dark green and cream, Michiru in a yellow striped shirt and black pants and Haruka in black and white
Michiru playing her cello in the sea
Eternal Sailors Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn all with angel wings
Profiles of Minako, Makoto, Chibi-Usa, Haruka, and Michiru

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Sailor Moon is not my creation. Takeuchi Naoko, Koudansha, TV Asahi, Toei Douga, DiC, and probably others I don't know of hold the copyright and so it belongs to them...even if DiC is evil and is trying to destroy something wonderful.

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