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It's some time in the quite distant future. One city in particular stands as a gleaming example for all the land. However, this city is as fragile as it is beautiful. The city of Glass Tokyo....

Peace and harmony has ruled the Earth for millenea now. Strife, war, hunger, greed, are all distant and vague memories of an ancient and uncivilized people. And Glass Tokyo stands as the beacon for it is where those with the Power, those with the Influence dwell. This is always were the Defenders dwell, living their lives as normal teenage men and women. Yes, these are the Senshi and their Protectors. However, just as every structure needs chaos to remain peaceful, Glass Tokyo has a fair share of this as well. Yes, they are a small band growing every day.. looking for their oppurtunity to disband the order and let Chaos rule.

Who will win out? Will Chaos once more overthough Order and throw the world back to what it once was? Will Glass Tokyo shatter like a beautiful mirror? If it does...what will be revealed?

Only you, dear Members, can decide. Please, choose wisely.