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The feeble light from the hall peeks shyly through the barred window and falls gently upon the pale cheek of Elaine Smith. Elaine Smith, who had once been a high ranking military officer. Elaine Smith, the daughter of high ranking officer Vincent Smith. Elaine Smith, who had been committed to the Mental Ward of Mercy Hospital because of some strange dreams she'd been having.

This same one.

It's the time when the hospital is at its quietest. The only real sound that of the nurses running errands through the hall and maybe occasionally peeking through the windows to be sure none of the truly dangerous ones have attempted anything. It's the time Elaine hates the worst and loves the most.

It's the time of the dreams, so she tries to keep herself from sleep. The doctors know this and so they give her all sorts of tranquilizers, some even morphine-based. These she always carefully palms and the doctors are usually none the wiser.

It's also the time of the orderly.

Just as she is thinking this, the soft scrape of key to lock fills the silence of the room. She slowly sits upon the bed and musses her long red hair in an attempt to make it seem as if she had been sleeping all along. The moment she raises her strange dark blue eyes, she finds herself smiling into the darker eyes of a young male orderly.

"You really should be sleeping now, Elly." He chides softly as he quietly closes the door behind himself.

Elaine bows her head in repenetance and shrugs her shoulders. "I keep trying but.." She trails off and shrugs again.

"Those dreams again?" True concern in his voice as he sinks into a chair at the bedside. She doesn't answer, just continues to stare at the sterile white sheets. The intern sighs lightly and places one of his hands over her own. "Elly, I can't claim to understand how difficult this is for you. I want to help you. I always have. Just tell me what I can do.."

"Help me get out of here." Elaine whispers fiercely, moving her eyes to peer at him through a curtain of her hair.


"Help you....escape?" The orderly stammers, his eyes wide in an ashen face. He swallows hard and examines her face in the half-light, hoping against hope to find some sign that this is all an elaborate joke.