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Cruel Destiny: A Gallery of X

Welcome to my fairly small gallery deicated to CLAMP's masterpiece, X. Here you'll find pictures from the movie, manga and "art" pictures. All images here are public domain since mostly I found them by surfing the 'Net. If you see a picture here that's yours and you either want credit or want it taken down, let me know. Alright, thanks and enjoy the pictures!

Arashi looking pissed
Kamui looking very suprised
The Angels: Nataku, Sakurazuka Seishirou, Shougo Asagi, Yatouji Satsuki, Kigai Yuuto, and Kusanagi Shiyuu
Aoiki standing before a tall building
Fuuma in profile, smiling slightly
Manga Fuuma in shrine robes holding one of the sacred swords
Mean-looking Fuuma and scared looking Koroti surrounded by a red shroud and sitting on the rubble
Manga style Hinoto-hime submerged in water with gears in the foreground
Kakyou in white robes standing amongst tree branches
Kamui and Fuuma holding hands, wound in a red shroud and white priest's mantle with gears in the background
Kanoe laying amongst thick greenery
Karen in black
The Kids: Satsuki crouching left, Fuuma standing left with leg on support beam, Arashi with her back turned left, Kamui centre, Sorata standing right with back turned and wearing yellow baseball cap, and Yuzuriha crouching right
Kotori from the movie in white dress
Kotori all in white hovering over the earth with her hand outstretched

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The Rights to X in manga, movie, and artbook form do not belong to me. These rights belong solely to CLAMP and any other company with which they choose to do business.