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Cruel Destiny: A Gallery of X

Welcome to my fairly small gallery deicated to CLAMP's masterpiece, X. Here you'll find pictures from the movie, manga and "art" pictures. All images here are public domain since mostly I found them by surfing the 'Net. If you see a picture here that's yours and you either want credit or want it taken down, let me know. Alright, thanks and enjoy the pictures!

Satsuki and some guy (Seishirou? Fuuma? I don't know...) standing against a psychadelic background
Sora in yellow and white jumping over a hurdle
Winged Kotori cradling a globe in her lap; crimson gears in the bacground (Warning: Pic is kinda big)
Yuzuriha cuddling a kawaii yellow teddy bear (KAWAII pic!!)

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The Rights to X in manga, movie, and artbook form do not belong to me. These rights belong solely to CLAMP and any other company with which they choose to do business.