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No one very much likes it, but every game must have its rules. These are mine. I ask that you follow them. I am not, by rule, a very strict person; in fact, I am quite reasonable. So, if you feel the need to question one of my rules, please do so. However, have a good reason in mind before you do so. Thank you.

1} Please try not to use foul language too often. I understand that there are times when using 'darn' or 'drat' just won't fit the emotion your character is feeling, but I am also aware that casually throwing around 'd*mns' and 'f*cks' show nothing more than lack of skill. If you have to use an occasional d*mn or sh*t, I will understand, but please try to keep the instances few and far between.

2} Keep sexual content to a bare minmum. I don't mind kissing, hugging, cuddling or things of that nature; however, keep blatant sexual acts out of the game. You can allude to them or even have a 'fade out' before it would happen, but please don't go describing it. We just don't need that.

3} The only character from the movie allowed in this game will be Kamui Shirou; the rest are dead and cannot be brought back. Period.

4) Children or relatives of the deceased will be allowed, within reason. For example, I will NOT accept any character that is a child of Kamui because he never fathered a child. Same goes for most of the others. If one wishes, one may be the daughter of Aoki since it was known that he has a child. In the case of other children or relatives, I ask you use your best judgement.

5} God-moding. Being a zippy. Power Gaming. Whatever you choose to call it by, I will NOT tolerate this. If you don't know what any of these terms mean, I will explain. God- moding is when you make your character all powerful so that he or she cannot be hurt at all. This is not good. All characters are mortal and therefore all of them will be hurt at some point. Being a zippy or power gaming is when your character attacks another and instantly kills him or her without giving them a chance to dodge, counter, or run away. Again, this is not good and will not be tolerated. Give each person a chance to react on their own.

6} I ask that you be creative. I am supplying a general storyline which is, more or less, just a guideline or a starting point. I expect those who join to be able to come up with interesting plots and sub-plots and not just rely on me to do so.

7} These rules can be updated, modified, added to, or deleted as needed.

8} The most important rule: Have fun!