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Ten years have passed since the nearly apocolyptic events in Japan. Time has covered the tracks and turned attention away from the odd events. The dead fade from the living's memories like a terrible nightmare forgotten in the warmth of the rising sun. Life has truly moved on.....

.....except for one young man.

Kamui Shirou, now a handsome twenty six year old, can never forget those events. He can never forget seeing his beloved killed before him. He can never forget how Fuuma protected him by taking his own life. He can never forget the lives lost so unreasonably all for something as vague as fate.

Often at night, he comes to stand alone on the observation deck of the Tokyo Tower. Here is where the final battle took place, here is where he cut down his childhood friend. Here is where it all ended. Here he comes for answers that can never be found.

"I can help you find the answers..." A voice answers his thoughts one warm summer evening. Kamui starts and turns to find a smallish girl watching him with soft concern. With a small bow and an almost embarassed smile, she introduces herself as Sumeragi Shiki.

"If you trust me, I can help you. You needn't be alone any longer. Another plague will be falling soon and, I won't lie, we need you. Please....come with me?" Still smiling softly, she extends a smooth, graceful hand to the boy.

So...what will this new plague bring?

Will Kamui choose to trust this odd girl?

Are there others out there to help them? hinder them?

With your help, kind visitor, all will be revealed.....